Copper's Breeds:

This is Copper, my 14 year old best friend, travel buddy and constant companion. He was rescued from a fighting ring 12 years ago by the local sheriff and he came to me with many scars and wounds, not the least of which was a hind leg that, after Xrays, was found to have been broken and never addressed, so it never healed correctly. My vet and I agreed that it didn’t seem to bother him, but would need to be monitored when he got older. Well after 12 great years together, Copper has been having arthritis issues with his hind legs, in addition to numerous tumors and had really started to slow down, with obvious discomfort getting up/down from his beds, sofa, etc. Our new vet (old one retired) recommended Canna-pet CBD oil, confirming that other patients had great results with the product. So I too the plunge, ordered the oil and began the treatment. I have to say that a week and a half after beginning your product, Copper is getting back to his old self and appears to be relatively pain free! Thank you so much for this great product and I am recommending it to everyone I know!!