Cooper's Breeds:

Cooper was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur and MVD March 2015 when he was exactly 7 years old. While the disease is unpredictable, based upon the volume of blood leakage, the cardiologist began to manage my expectations and told me that it to expect no more than 2 more years with Cooper, at least with a good quality of life. At first, Cooper’s heart was not enlarged so medication was not necessary. Fast forward 18 months and Cooper’s heart is now enlarged, he is in Stage B2 MVD and Vetmedin is prescribed on Sept 30, 2016. At his 6 month recheck early April 2017, Cooper’s MVD has slightly progressed but he is still Stage B2. No medication changes. But I discovered Canna-pet late March/early April 2017 and started him on a regimen of 2 large capsules per day and hemp oil as needed for his hip dysplasia. Yes, I was also able to wean Cooper off Rimadyl by using Canna-pet and golden paste in lieu. But here’s the small miracle, at Cooper’s recheck in early October 2017, Cooper’s heart size was slightly smaller, still Stage B2 but not only no progression of this incurable disease but rather, slight improvement. Still Stage B2, still same dose of Vetmedin but 2-3/4 years after his original diagnosis, holding steady and enjoying life. The only change in the 6 months between his April 2017 cardiologist exam and October 2017 exam was the addition of Canna-pet daily so I am a believer in its anti-inflammatory results J I give my other 2 cavaliers ½ a large capsule 2X daily as prevention. One is 6-1/2 and heart healthy and the other is 11-1/3 with a slight grade 1-2 murmur. The photo is Cooper enjoying the view on a dock on a recent vacation at the beach in sunny Florida J.