Health Issues:
Ciara's Breeds:

Caira is a 12 year old Catahoula Leopard mix who has always been up for an adventure as long as it’s with her people. She’s full of spunk, loves every human she meets, and has filled our lives with countless antics since we adopted her as a small pup. After hitting 12 years old and wrapping up a 6 month cross country trip, she was starting to slow down – fast. She had trouble hopping into the car, needed shorter walks and struggled with stairs. She also seemed to groan a lot when moving from position to position during her power naps and was pacing at night. Most concerning was her dwindling appetite.

We’ve been giving her the CBD treats 2x daily for several months and have noticed much improvement in her comfort/mobility. Her appetite has also increased. She isn’t going to be signing up for any marathons, but she’s perky during the day and more settled at night. Her daily walks are much easier and we’re so grateful for her increased quality of life!