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A few years ago Chumley was diagnosed with cancer. He was operated on twice, it was horrible and the doctors said it would come back for sure, he would eventually have to have skin grafts and it would be brutal. I decided on a different route. After searching alternative healing methods, I found canna-pet. The tumor had already started to grow back and I started him on the pills – a dose in the morning and one at night. The tumor went away within a few weeks. Now, after about three years, he doesn’t have to take Pepcid or Benedryl everyday and I give him doses 3 days on and 3 days off. Whenever the tumor starts to show, I give him his doses and the thing goes down. I believe canna-pet is why chums is still will us and we thank you for your tireless efforts to make it possible for consumers to have a choice in how to heal their loved ones. I am in amazement how well this product has worked.