Carly's Breeds:

Carly is our 11 year old sweet rescue. While Carly has always been a bit overweight, she still always loved to go on her long beach walks. Over the last year we noticed that she would get tired early on in the walks and want to lay down…eventually she stopped even wanting to go on walks which was heartbreaking. Our daughter had been using Canna-Pet for her two dogs, so we decided to give it a try for Carly. We started seeing results on the Advanced Canna-Pet Capsules after about 3 weeks – she was still tiring on her walks but she had the enthusiasm back to at least go on walks. We upped her pills to 2x a day and wow, what a difference! She now energetically begs to go on walks and is able to walk further than she could even a year ago without taking a break! An additional change we noticed was her appetite. Since Carly is so “stocky” and we’re a busy family always on the go, we hadn’t realized that her appetite had significantly decreased. After we started giving her Canna-Pet we found that once again her love for food was back. It’s so great to see an older girl like Carly act like she a middle-aged dog. Thank you Canna-Pet for making our girl feel better!