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My Australian Kelpie, Bruty, has been struggling with epilepsy for 6 years. Even with the best care, medications at 6am, 10am, 2pm, and then 10pm (4 times a day!) for several years, visits with top neurologists, I still could not get her seizures controlled. She was on the most epileptic drugs all of her vets have ever known for a dog to be on, and she still had seizures every 7 weeks, clustering every 5 months requiring a hospital stay and induced drug comas. One time she had 17 seizures in 2 days.

I could tell the no longer fun loving, happy dog I once had was miserable, and I knew it was time to put her down. No doctor could control her epilepsy. She was a zombie, lethargic, and wet herself 5 times a day, requiring I bathe and clean her every time, as I wouldn’t leave her soiled. I hated to see the look of shame and anguish in having to diaper her. As a busy lawyer, I would regularly have to ask my colleagues to cover my docket in court as I couldn’t leave my best friend alone in this state. I suffered because of her epilepsy, too. And I tried everything! Doggy daycare, dietary changes, increased mental and physical exercise, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, light compression garments, dog walkers, sheep herding lessons, and even in home care with licensed acupuncturists doing massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Nothing worked.

Then, some friends recommended Canna-Pet hemp oil. One of my vets gave me the Canna-Pet website for research. I thought, why not? This was my last hope. And I’m a skeptic.

Almost immediately something changed in her after her first few doses. Everyone noticed she came back to life, was less anxious, was more vivacious, stopped wetting herself, and went 8 months without a seizure! This is a miracle. Her medications are drastically cut down, she only needs them twice a day now, and her vet team and I are working to wean her off more meds, with the hope she’ll only need hemp oil. In the past year, she’s only had two brief seizures compared to the 68 she had last year. Epilepsy can’t be cured. But, the hope is it can be controlled and managed, and hemp oil has accomplished this when all other forms of holistic and Western medicine failed. Now, she is a different dog! The light in her eyes is back, and she’s happy and healthy, again!

I cannot express my love and gratitude enough to Canna-Pet. You saved my dog. And me.