Health Issues:
Bodie's Breeds:

This is our Bodie. We adopted him on July 13th from our local animal shelter in Paris,TX. The only info they had on him was that he was approximately 4 months old and was owner surrendered with his sister. He got his first round of vaccinations in the pound so we took him to our local vet and had his second round administered on the 28th. Bodie started having seizures at 6pm on the 29th. He had several episodes during the night and all day Sunday. Two trips to the vet during that time. Monday several blood draws for all kinds of testing. They started on phenobarbital but then decided to wean after a couple of days due to his age. 29 days later a small seizure. Vet decides still no meds. 15 days later he had a total of 13 in a 30 hour period. Now we are on phenobarbital, keppra, and had started gabapentin but are weaning off. We started him on pro plan neurocare dog food about 2 weeks ago. I found you guys after doing hemp research in dogs. We started him on the oil and biscuits 1 week ago. As of 5am today we are 38 days seizure free. We are trying everything and are hoping all stays well. Thank you for your help in trying to keep my Bodie safe and as healthy as possible.