Bentley St. George

Bentley St. George's Breeds:

Bentley St. George is our 3-year-old mixed breed cutie pie that, sadly, has developed a few triggers for anxiety and reactivity over the past three years. He sometimes gets anxious about walks, car rides, thunderstorms, other dogs, etc. He has the biggest heart and we know that he has only developed these anxieties out of fear. It has been so sad to see our boy not living his best life due to his emotional limitations. We have tried other products to help with his anxiousness, but none seemed to work. We have been SO PLEASED in the 10 days that he has been taking the Canna-Pet cookies. He is so much lighter, less worried, and is so enthusiastic about playing and going for walks! It’s also summertime here in VA, so thunderstorms have been happening regularly and he is much less frightened by these as well! We are so happy to see him feeling better overall and are very grateful to Canna-Pet for their exceptional product. Thank you!!!!