Assisi Advanced MaxCBD Liquid 10ml


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Use 2-3 drops (0.1ml) 3-4X daily, increase as desired.
How do liquid products compare to capsule products:

  • Liquid products have more rapid effect.  They are also metabolized rapidly, and should be used 3-4X daily.

Our liquid products are very popular as an adjunct to capsules for those who desire the highest hemp levels.

For best effect, put drops directly into your mouth, ideally under the tongue.

Ingredients: 100% organic hemp, full spectrum.

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A 10ml container will last 15-30 days depending on the frequency used.

Start with 2-3 drops (0.1ml) at a time, 3-4 times per day, increase as desired.

For best effect, put drops under the tongue.

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