Most Popular Dog Breeds by State

While any dog can make for an excellent pet, there are several breeds that have an outstanding reputation and have become some of the most beloved dogs in America today. If you are in the process of looking for a new furry addition to add to your family, it may be helpful to checkout the most popular breeds in your area. After all, most of these dogs have earned their spot for good reason! Whether it’s for their charming looks, outgoing personalities, or their deep loyalty and dedication, these dogs are some of the most desired breeds in the United States today.

This article will review the most popular dog breeds by state across America. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of which canines are the most desired and hopefully decide whether or not one of these pups is right for you.

Alabama – Beagle.  Dachshunds and Labrador Retrievers come in as a close second and third.

Alaska – Labrador Retriever. The Akita is the state dog of Alaska, but up north Labs are the favorite.

Arizona – Pit Bull. Labs have a strong showing in Arizona, but thanks to a select few counties, Pit Bulls have the number one spot.

most popular dog breeds by stateArkansas –Labrador Retriever.  Keeping with the national consensus Arkansas loves their Labs, and in second place – Poodles!

California – French Bulldog.  The Frenchie is most popular in only a few states. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds are close behind in the Golden State.

Colorado – Rescue Dog/Mixed Breed. Though it is not recognized as an official AKC breed, the word out of Colorado is rescue dogs rule!

Connecticut – Golden Retriever.  This state is populated by the big three: Goldens, Labs, and German Shepherds.

Delaware – Labrador Retriever. Another pup that the national consensus reported to be a popular option was the Cane Corso.

Florida – German Shepherd Dog. Florida loves their German Shepherds but if Miami had its way, the French Bulldog would be in the number one position.

Georgia – Labrador Retriever. Did you think it was going to be the Bulldog? Us too!

Hawaii – French Bulldog.  This state loves their Frenchies, but there are also a lot of Labs and Shiba Inus in the Hawaiian Islands.

Idaho – Border Collie.  With all the open space and farmland, it is no wonder Border Collies are a statewide favorite.

Illinois – Rottweiler. Rottweiler population in Illinois has been on the rise more than any other dog over recent years.

Indiana – German Shepherd Dog.  Though Golden Retrievers and Labradors weren’t far behind, Indiana still places the German Shepherd as the clear winner.

Iowa – Labrador Retriever. The Bichon Frise is another popular dog choice in the state of Iowa.

Kansas – Bulldog.  The Bulldog is king of Kansas, but the real shocker for this state has a strong liking for Doberman Pinschers as well.

Kentucky – Beagle. “This dog can hunt,” and Kentucky knows firsthand.

Louisiana – Catahoula Leopard Dog. The state dog of Louisiana is also thought to be the first breed developed in North America.

Maine – Labrador Retriever. Maine is a Lab state through and through…when asked what their second favorite dog was, they answered Labrador Retriever again.

Maryland – Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  The state dog of Maryland has always been it’s most popular choice according to the residents of Maryland. However, according to the AKC, this state also has a secret love of Labradors.

Massachusetts – Labrador Retriever.  The Patriots and Labradors: those are the two loves of Massachusetts.

Michigan – German Shepherd Dog. Michigan is also partial to Newfoundland Dogs as well.

Minnesota – Labrador Retriever. It has been reported that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another favorite of Minnesota.

Mississippi – Labrador Retriever.  Big dogs love little dogs, which is probably why Mississippi usually pairs their Labs with Yorkshire Terriers.

Missouri – Australian Cattle Dog. Labs, Retrievers, and Shepherds are also prevalent in this area.

Montana – Labrador Retriever.  The big sky country prefers the companionship of Labrador Retrievers to other canines.

Nebraska – Golden Retriever. Nebraska also has an extensive collection of Wheaten Terrier lovers, whose numbers are on the rise.

Nevada – Labrador Retriever. Nevada follows the national trend and favors Labs. With that being said, the state still has a soft spot for Pomeranians.

New Hampshire – Labrador Retriever.  New Hampshire perfectly mirrors the national average with Labs at number one and Golden Retrievers at number two in popularity.

New Jersey – Yorkshire Terrier. Golden Retrievers and Labs still have strong numbers in Jersey, but the Terrier edges them out.

New Mexico – Chihuahua. The state dog is “most popular,” but the AKC claims the state for Labradors.

most popular dog breeds by stateNew York – Labrador Retriever. It’s still important to note that the Shiba Inu’s popularity is on the rise in recent years!

North Carolina – Labrador Retriever. The land of the pines is a paradise for the Labrador Retriever.

North Dakota – Labrador Retriever. However, some sources report the German Shorthaired Pointer is this state’s real favorite.

Ohio – Labrador Retriever.