CBD Dog Treats: What You Need to Know

As a pet owner, you may not be thrilled about giving your dog certain pharmaceuticals to alleviate their pain, behavioral issues, or other ailments. Unfortunately, most canines will suffer from at least one health condition during their lifetime that requires medicine. Prescription pet medications are often administered to dogs with allergies, asthma, epilepsy, anxiety, diarrhea, digestive issues, aggression, suppressed appetite, and chronic pain.

Certain pharmaceuticals can have adverse effects on dogs. For this reason, many pet owners are seeking alternatives to treating various conditions to ease the pain for their fur babies. Proper nutrition and natural supplements are the best alternatives to prescription pet medication. Natural, plant-based remedies are becoming more and more popular for canines, particularly CBD dog treats. You may be wondering, What are CBD dog treats? Keep reading to learn all about using CBD treats for dogs as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

What is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Despite common misconception, CBD does not contain psychoactive properties like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in marijuana, so don’t worry—you won’t be getting your pooch high! Instead of creating a mental stimulation, CBD works by providing calming pain-relief and relaxation without any intoxicating effects.

CBD can be created from hemp or cannabis flower. Hemp CBD contains zero milligrams of THC and is legal for use in most U.S. states. When CBD is created from hemp, it offers many of the same benefits as CBD derived from marijuana. Because of its long list of medicinal and therapeutic benefits for both dogs and humans, CBD has become more popular in recent years. Similar to humans, a dog’s cannabinoid receptor sites include the brain, central nervous system, immune cells, and certain organs. CBD for pets naturally interacts with these receptor sites which, in turn, provides calming and relaxing therapeutic benefits.

What Are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD oils and edibles are an alternative form of treatment for several types of ailments in both people and animals. Offering your pet dog treats containing CBD is an easy way to provide them with the many medicinal benefits. CBD dog treats are similar to regular dog treats, but they include a dose of CBD designed to treat various illnesses and conditions for pups. By providing your pet with CBD dog oil, you may be able to relieve them from anxiety, canine inflammation, mood disorders, appetite suppression, low energy levels, discomfort, and certain debilitating conditions including chronic pain.

CBD Dog Treats for Pain

As a loving dog parent, you’ll likely go to great lengths to keep your pooch healthy, happy, and free of pain. Hemp products for pets, particularly CBD dog treats, can be an excellent natural alternative for treating mild to chronic pain. The success of the hemp-derived CBD industry for humans has opened the doors to similar products that provide the same relief for dogs and cats.

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

The calming effects of CBD can offer relief to high-strung dogs. If your pet has canine anxiety, depression, PTSD, submissive tendencies, or noise phobias, CBD dog treats may be an effective solution. Anxious pups can become destructive and react with excessive parking, urinating, whining, or chewing on household objects. Some pet owners opt to give their dog CBD treats when they anticipate a stressful situation such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or prolonged time alone.

CBD Dog Treats for Appetite Loss

CBD dog treats can be given to animals with a suppressed appetite. The hemp formula can reduce canine nausea and boost appetites for pups who won’t eat. CBD can also help to alleviate digestive problems and provide pain relief for stomach issues.

CBD Dog Treats for Inflammation

Your dog may require anti-inflammatory medication after a surgery, to treat an allergic reaction, or to alleviate pain and swelling. CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent for both dogs and people.

CBD Dog Treats for Aggression

Aggressive canine behavior and certain stress disorders can be treated with CBD-infused dog treats. CBD products have a calming effect on animals and are a great solution for controlling aggression and other dominant temperaments in dogs.

CBD Dog Treats for Epilepsy

CBD dog treats can also be given to epileptic canines who are prone to seizures. Cannabinoids have been widely used to help manage and reduce the amount and frequency of seizures in both dogs and humans.

CBD: A Safe Alternative to Pet Medication

As a dog parent, you just want your pet to be comfortable, happy, and safe. CBD-infused treats and other pet products provide owners with an alternative to harsher conventional drugs. Providing your pooch with small doses of CBD instead of traditional pharmaceuticals can reduce short and long-term side effects.

A primary component to holistic pet care is determining the best health regimen for the unique needs of your dog. This may involve using traditional medications in conjunction with natural treatments or making the switch to only natural supplements. Canna-Pet CBD products can be used alongside any pet medication and can safely supplement your dog’s current routine.

CBD Dog Treats from Canna-Pet®

The CBD dog treats from Canna-Pet are completely plant-based, organic, and made from industrial hemp. Our products are a safe and natural alternative to pet medications that you can offer your pooch without the concern of side effects.

CBD dog treats are an innovative way to provide pets with hemp nutrition. The Canna-Pet line of CBD biscuits was created after almost 30 years of dedicated industry research. Since launching our hemp pet product line, we’ve produced millions of CBD dog treats, CBD dog pills, and oils for pets all over the world.

A 2016 study by Colorado State University determined that 93% of Canna-Pet customers prefer CBD pet products to most other traditional drugs. Upon surveying our customers, we’ve found that our hemp products have significantly less potential side effects when compared to other canine pharmaceuticals. In addition, our CBD dog treats can improve the side effects of many medications.

Hundreds of U.S. veterinarians give Canna-Pet dog treats and other CBD pet products the stamp of approval. In fact, many recommend our products to alleviate various symptoms and behavioral issues for dogs.

Organic Advanced Formula Canna-Biscuits

Our Advanced Formula Canna-Biscuit dog treats offer more hemp than traditional CBD treats. The biscuits come in pup-friendly flavors, including Maple Bacon, PB&A