Canna-Pet® Exclusively Uses European Hemp

hemp field

Industrial hemp is a global crop, produced in most of the world.

Hemp plants absorb heavy metals, toxins, and even radiation from soil at a very high rate—in some cases the hemp is intentionally planted to detoxify the soil to ready it for food crops. While that’s good for the environment, plants grown under such conditions are not a suitable source for edible products.

China produces about a quarter of all the hemp grown in the world, but a very high percentage of Chinese hemp is grown in soil contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants. 

In our opinion, Chinese hemp is never acceptable


European hemp is the gold standard for safety and quality in industrial hemp source material.

ALL industrial hemp used by Canna-Pet® is organic, non-GMO, and grown in Europe.

Canna-Pet® has NEVER used hemp from China, and we do not recommend feeding products made with Chinese hemp to pets.