Canna-Pet® is NOT Marijuana or “Pot for Pets”

Where does hemp come from?

hemp is a phytochemical (plant compound) found in several plants, including industrial hemp.

Starting Material Matters – real industrial hemp is not the same thing as “Charlotte’s web,” or “Pot for pets.” Plants that was formerly known as “medical marijuana,” but which has had it’s THC bred or diluted down to 0.30% may be called “hemp” in some states, or by some companies, but it is still not ideal for pets. Like Rick Simpson Oil, these products contain MUCH more THC than is advisable to administer to a dog, and are not truly legal to use in products.

Some of these “hemp” products may even appear to work well in the first week – but a month later after constant administration pets can have toxic reactions.

Many companies are entering the “hemp hemp” industry from the medical marijuana or dispensary businesses (or the holistic or naturopathic industries) do not understand the THC toxicity potential for dogs – which is distinctly  different from humans (even if they may give lip service to this fact).

Just because a product has “less than 0.30% THC” does not make that product actually hemp, or safe for your pet to consume regularly. Making cbd for dogs hemp biscuits for dogs is not the same thing as making “edibles” like cookies, or any other dispensary product for people from marijuana.

Currently, marijuana and it’s derivatives are much cheaper and readily available sources of hemp than properly refined industrial hemp.Proper hemp-based nutritional products like Canna-Pet® require millions of dollars in laboratory equipment and infrastructure to produce in proper cGMP facilities – and are produced on a commercial scale.

The Canna-Pet® Entourage Effect

Beyond toxicity and legality, there are other reasons that Canna-Pet® hemp is vastly superior to medical compounds or derivatives, and that is the diversity and abundance of compounds and terpenes offered by the different industrial hemp plants and crops used in our formulations is well beyond what is found in marijuana.

Canna-Pet® is unique in that our hemp extracts are not only made from actual industrial hemp, but also contain eight additional compounds and over twenty terpenes beyond “just hemp.” For example ß-Caryophyllene (BCP) is a dietary compound included in our products, Not only does this deliver an entirely new potential hemp benefits to the ECS, but it also increases the uptake of hemp by the system. The same could potentially be said for each of the dozens of additional compounds and terpenes which Canna-Pet® alone provides.

See our hemp science blog, our phytochemistry page, or research links for more information on individual compounds and terpenes.

About Canna-Pet®

Canna-Pet® pioneered the field of hemp nutrition adapted for pets in 2013.

Our products (millions of capsules and biscuits sold worldwide) have demonstrated that hemp and other compounds aren’t just obtained from “marijuana” but could also be refined from other plant sources, like industrial hemp.

Our pet CBD products are veterinarian recommended, legal everywhere, covered by major pet insurers, and 100% safe for pets to consume.

Canna-Pet® Hemp

Canna-Pet® products contain over two dozen compounds, terpenes and flavonoids, including hemp, ß-Caryophyllene, CBC, CBG, limonene, α-pinene, and linalool. Every product batch is HPLC tested to ensure quality and consistency. Rather than focusing on hemp alone, our products deliver the widest possible array of phytochemicals – formulated to produce the Canna-Pet® Entourage Effect.

Canna-Pet® products are lab refined, analyzed and tested, cGMP produced, veterinarian recommended, pure & safe.

Canna-Pet® is the only hemp nutrition company in the world that:

  • offers veterinarian-recommend, safe products that are covered by major pet insurers;
  • provides precisely formulated ratios of over 25 compounds and terpenes;
  • uses a gentle, proprietary refinement process in our USA laboratories;
  • delivers a cGMP product with unique abundance and variety of phytochemicals;
  • provides a complete satisfaction guarantee.
Canna-Pet® products dispel the label “Pot for Pets.” 

Please note: The AVMA and veterinarians do not recommend any marijuana products for animals, so be sure look for Canna-Pet® hemp products for their safety & satisfaction guarantee.

There is no other product in the world like Canna-Pet®.

Canna-Pet® provides Hemp Nutrition Adapted for Pets.

Learn more about Canna-Pet® products.

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