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Dogs over 95 lbs. order GIANT size

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  • Your Dog's Weight
  • Your Dog's Weight

  • Maximum CBD capsules?

    Our new Maximum CBD capsules contain up to 12X more cannabidiol.
    Large size capsules, 14 for $50.

  • Which capsule to buy?

    If you are new to Canna-Pet™, start with our standard capsules (above). Max CBD is for special applications.

  • How about some Canna-Biscuits™ for Dogs?
    Enriched with our new Maximum CBD formula

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  • Choose a Size
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  • Ingredients?

    Canna-Biscuits™ are all-natural, made from non-GMO, human-grade food ingredients, with zero artificial preservatives.
    They are infused with our cannabidiol-rich Maximum CBD made from USDA organic hemp.
    They are beneficial for any pet, in any quantity, without restriction.

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