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Cannabidiol (CBD) provides medical benefits - without the "high" of THC

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Medical benefits of Canna-Pet

Medical Benefits of Cannabinoids
Non Psychoactive Cannabinoids

Common questions about Canna-Pet

Order Canna-Pet 14, 30 or 60 Capsule Packs
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Dogs over 95 lbs. order GIANT size
One capsule every 12 hours for dogs, one per day for cats.

  • Your Dog's Weight
  • Your Dog's Weight
  • Your Dog's Weight

  • Maximum CBD capsules?

    Our new Maximum CBD capsules contain up to 12X more cannabidiol.
    Large size capsules, 10 for $40.

  • Which capsule to buy?

    If you are new to Canna-Pet, start with standard capsules (above). Max CBD is for special applications. More info.

  • How about some Canna-Biscuits for Dogs?
    Enriched with our new Maximum CBD formula

  • Choose a Size
  • Choose a Size
  • Choose a Size
  • Biscuit Sizes?

    In ascending order:
    carrot wedges (nickel)
    gluten free chicken (quarter)
    chicken & sweet potato (quarter)
    turkey dinner (quarter)
    pumpkin hearts (half-dollar)
    pb bones (matchbox car)

  • Choose a Size
  • Choose a Size
  • Choose a Size
  • Ingredients?

    Canna-Biscuits are all-natural, made from human food-grade ingredients, with zero artificial preservatives.
    They are infused with our cannabidiol-rich Maximum CBD made from non-GMO, organic hemp.
    They are beneficial for any pet, in any quantity, without restriction.

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